«Spotlights» is the new concert series of the Zurich Chamber Singers at the Festsaal Liebestrasse in Winterthur. It focuses on vocal music in its entire spectrum - from intimate art song recitals with soloists from the choir to a capella concerts and choral symphonic highlights. With «Spotlights», the up-and-coming ensemble presents itself to the Winterthur audience in all its versatility. Curated and directed by Christian Erny and the Zurich Chamber Singers, friends of the choir, soloists, ensembles and chamber orchestras find their way to Winterthur time and again to work on joint programs and carry them out into the world in the spirit of musical friendship.

«Spotlights» is the latest project of the Zurich Chamber Singers under the direction of Christian Erny. In addition to top-class artists and renowned ensembles and chamber orchestras, the Festsaal of Liebestrasse Winterthur will also give up-and-coming talents from the Winterthur region and beyond the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. As part of «Spotlights», master classes will be held where young artists can learn from our international guests. The results are presented in the concert series and in workshop concerts. In this way, «Spotlights» brings together young talents and renowned musicians in the Festsaal Liebestrasse and lets new sounds resonate within the walls of Switzerland's oldest church community center.